Steven M. Stark

MBA - Partner

“I always strive to provide the best service possible to each of my clients. I go the extra mile to make sure all of their needs are met."

As managing partner at StarkSchenkein, LLP, Steven is responsible for guiding the strategic direction of the firm and managing the team to achieve the firm’s objectives. He is also the chair of the firm’s business advisory division, where he consistently helps clients grow in value and reach their financial goals. In particular, he oversees the following business advisory services:

  • Strategic Health Check-up
  • Strategic Planning (business plans and coaching)
  • Financial Modeling
  • Creation and Assistance with Dashboards
  • Valuation Consulting
  • Industry Intelligence – understanding your external competitiveness
  • Balance Sheet Changes – enhancement and clean up of the balance sheet
  • Banking Assistance (covenant analysis, negotiation, benchmarking, etc.)
  • Profit/Cash Flow Enhancement Strategies
  • Scenario-based Budgeting and Cash Flow Projections
  • Quarterly/Annual Strategic Analysis Sessions – Retreat Facilitation
  • Business Structure (startup, lease vs. buy)
  • Litigation Consulting Services
  • Exit Planning
  • Mergers and Acquisition Advisory Services (buy-side & sell-side)

Steven is also the managing director of Bluestone Investment Banking Group, LLC, where he brings over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. His expertise includes investment banking, commercial banking and litigation consulting services, with specialties in mergers and acquisitions, capital formation (debt and equity) and strategic planning. He has provided guidance and services for clients in varied industries; these companies have  been both public and private and have ranged in size from emerging to middle market.